Symptoms _ Swine Flu

Symptoms In children, emergency warning signs that need urgent medical attention include:

· Fast breathing or trouble breathing
· Bluish or gray skin color
· Not drinking enough fluids
· Severe or persistent vomiting
· Not waking up or not interacting
· Being so irritable that the child does not want to be held
· Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough

In adults, emergency warning signs that need urgent medical attention include:

· Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
· Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
· Sudden dizziness
· Confusion
· Severe or persistent vomiting
· Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough

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Important Information for Swine Flu Treatment in Mumbai

Following are the screening centres For Swine Flu Detection in Mumbai

1. Kasturba Hospital
Arthur Road, Sane Guruji Marg, Mahalaxmi
Jacob Circle, Mumbai, Mumbai City, Maharashtra 400011, India
022-23083901, 23083902, 23083903, 23083904

2. Cooper Hospital
Vile Parle West, West
Mumbai, Maharastra 400056, India
022 26207254‎ / 022-22605892 / 022-22605897

3. VN Desai Municipal Hospital
11th, Golibar Road
Opposite Santa Cruz Gymkhana, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400055, India
+91 22 26182081

4. SK Patil Hospital
Daftarri Road, Malad (E), Mumbai, Mumbai
022 28894381

5. Kurla Bhabha Hospital
Near Kurla Rlwy Station
Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070, India
+91 22 26500241

6. Shatabdi Hospital
Dock Labour Board Colony, Govandi, Mumbai
022 25564070 / 25563289

7. Mahatma Phule Hospital
Kannamvar Nagar 2, Vikhroli (east), Opposite Samaj Kalyan, Mumbai – 400083
022 25782253 / 25782283

8. Bhabha Hospital
K B Bhaba Hospital Building, Bandra (West), Mumbai –                +91 22 26422775

9. Rajawadi Hospital
Ghatkopar (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400077, India
022 25094149

10. Bhagwati Hospital
Ground Floor, Bhagwati Hospital, Mandapeshwar Road, Mandapeshwar, Borivali (west), Mumbai
022 28932461

11. M T Agarwal Hospital
Dr. R P Road, Mulund West, Mumbai
022 25640767

12. Siddharth Hospital
Opposite Motilalnagar Post Office
Motilal Nagar, Goregaon, Mumbai
022 28766886

The Government has also identified the following hospitals as the facilities for Swine Flu testing

Sir JJ Hospital
J J Marg, Byculla,
Mumbai – 08
Ph- 91-22- 23735555, 23739031, 23760943,23768400
/ 23731144 / 5555 / 23701393 / 1366

Haffkine Institute
Acharya Donde Marg,
Parel, Mumbai – 12
Ph- 91-22- 24160947, 24160961, 24160962

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Most Affected Rail Sections During Heavy Rain In Mumbai…

Railway     :   Central  Railway

Rail Sections which get submerged during heavy rains : 11

  • Masjid Rly station to Sandhurst Rd
  • Sewri-Wadala
  • Matunga Sion
  • Kurla Station
  • Guru Tej Bahadur Nagar-Chunabhatti
  • Mankhurd Station
  • Vidyavihar-Ghatkopar
  •  Kanjurmarg-Vikhroli
  •  Nahur cabin area
  •  Mulund station

Railway     :   Western  Railway

Rail Sections which get submerged during heavy rains : 12

  • Between Dadar and Matunga Rly-Stations
  • Near Dadar Sewage PuriFication Centre
  • Near Elphinstone Rd Rly Station
  • Between Elphinstone Rd and Lower Parel, Rly-Station
  • Near Lower Parel Rly-Station
  • Between Lower Parel and Mahalaxmi Rly-Stations
  • North side of Mahalaxmi Rly-Station
  • Southside of Mumbai Central Rly-Station
  • Below Platform of Mumbai Central Rly-Station 
  • Culvert below Platform of Marine Lines Rly-Station
  • Between Marine Lines & Churchgate Rly-Station
  • Charni Rd Rly-Station near Catholic Gymkhana
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In Mumbai During Heavy Rain Water Logs at…




S.V.P. Road Junction and Pandurang Budhkar Marg  ((Alankar), Tardeo, Sant Gadge  Maharaj Chawlk, ( Sat Rasta ), Between Curry Road Railway Station and  N.M. Joshi Marg  (B.D.D. Chawl ), Worli Naka, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Dr. E. Moses Road, Near Rey Road Station, Dinsha Petit Street, Hindmata Cinema, Jijibhoy Lane, Abhyuday Nagar ( Kala Chowky) Andheri Subway, Navrang Cinema, Cisor Road Chawlk, J.P. Road, Veera Desai Chawlk, Milan Subway, V.M. Road, Near Cooper Hospital, J.V.P.D, Near Vile Parle Station, Sahar Road Chawlk, Bandarkar Wadi,  Somani Gram, Amrut Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Down Side Of Motilal Nagar, Motilal Nagar, Kama Industrial Estate, Hanuman Nagar, Near Mahindra & Mahindra, Central Ordinance Depot, Thakur Complex, Shri Krishna Nagar, Daulat Nagar, Between S.V. Road and Railway Station. Government Colony, Pratap Nagar, Konkan Nagar, Bhatti Pada and Gaumdev, Village Road, Bhandup, Sonapur Signal Chawlk, L.B.S. Marg, Gavanpada Gaonthana, Central Railway Subway, Near A.C.C. Company, Tilak Nagar, Near Vidya Vihar Railway Station, Suman Nagar, Swastik Chamber, S.T. Depot, Nehru Nagar, Postal Colony, Chembur, Shell Colony – Chembur, Kanjur Nagar, Nehru Nagar, Near Aakash Cinema, Brahmin Wadi, Budh Colony
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Floods 2009 Mumbai

Floods in Mumbai are attributable to simultaneous occurrence of rainfall and high tides. If the rainfall is in excess of 200 mm in a day (24 hrs) the floods can occur anytime irrespective of the tides. However, if there is moderate rainfall but the tides are in excess of 4.50 meters at the same time, the city of Mumbai is sure to get flooded.

Accordingly, heavy floods are anticipated on the following days in Mumbai, if there is excessive rainfall at the time of high tides, since the tides are extremely high on these days: –



BMC has already planned to keep the schools closed on 24 July 2009 since the tide level is going to be a record high of last 100 years on this day.

Mumbaikars are, therefore, requested to cooperate with the administration by restricting their movements and certainly not to take their vehicles out on the roads on these days.

Also, please advise your friends and relatives outside Mumbai not to plan a trip to Mumbai on these days.

Pre-warning helps one to be prepared for emergencies. Emergency Preparedness helps in preventing personal disasters. Be prepared to take care of your family, especially the children.

Kindly dissipate the Flood Warning given here to as many Mumbaites, Navi Mumbaites and Thaneites as possible.

Courtesy : VU2PIC, OM Parin

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Demo On Amateur Radio at S.P.C.E. Andheri

A demo about Amateur Radio was Held at Sardar Patel College Of Engineering on 8th March,2009. An audio visual demo was presented to the students of S.P.C.E at college campus. There were around 25 to 30 students. The demo was given by VU2SXF Sandesh Kamat with the help of VU2SFH ,VU3OMV and VU2BLT along with 5 SWLs from the current Mars batch namely, Alok M, Dharamjit, Ruzbeh, Nikunj and Jatin.

Before the demo a 5/8 VHF antenna was installed on the terrace of the college and on the same mast, a HF antenna for 20 and 40 Mtr band was also mounted. On the terrace itself the antennas were tuned and tested with a SWR Meter. A few Students from the college participating in demo were enthusiastically watching the whole exercise. A good A.C auditorium was provided by the college for the purpose of carrying out the demo on Amateur Radio. Slowly and gradually the class got filled with curious students including YLs. A Multiband Rig was provided by VU2HIT , VHF Rig and other equipments like Antennas, Handy and Power supply was arranged by VU2SXF and VU2SFH. VU2SXF gave a good presentation on a Projector to the students about Amateur Radio from its beginning Stages to the current scenario in details along with Power Point Slides. Every one was very excited and got more curious to have a practical demo on the same. Therefore they were given a practical demo on HF Sets by having a QSO. They were also given a demo on VHF Set and Handy. A lot of queries were put forth by the students regarding working of Radio, usage, benefits and rules regulations for Amateur Radio. Hence a small Q. A session was conducted and satisfactory answers were provided and students were advised to join the classes.

Later while unpacking the stuff at the auditorium the students were asked to go and have
a look to understand the antennas installed on the terrace as a part of their queries. So,
SWLs played a part to reply satisfactory answers to the students on terrace and later all
antennas were uninstalled and demo was successfully completed.

The outcome of the demo was very positive as the Demo organising committee students
from S.P.C.E. were asking for arranging one more demo at the college campus for more
of them and seems they are more interested in putting up a College’s Own Radio Club

73s , DE SWL Jatin Shah

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Nargole Field Trip ( 14th – 15th March, 2009 )

Thanks to all who participated in the Field Trip arranged at Nargole, Sanjan on 14th and 15th March 2009. Everything, right from travelling, accommodation and food was good. In all, 15 members participated in the field trip. That was indeed a good number to carry out field trip. There were total of 7 licensed hams and 8 SWLs who took part.

Activities carried on the first day (14th March,2009)

A small briefing was conducted for all on what activities will be carried out in 2 days. After reaching there all participated in learning and installing an HF antenna for 20 Mtr and 40 Mtr band on 33 Ft long collapsible mast brought by VU2SFN. Once the same is done we set up an HF Radio Station. After that Antenna matching with the help of SWR Meter was done and conducted DXing test on HF Stations.
At Lunch Time Everyone enjoyed a mouth watering and delicious lunch. Post Lunch a QSO’s on HF tried out and on other hand SWLs Ruzbeh, Nikunj and others helped VU2SFH with the Digital Communication setup and software Installation on one Laptop. SFN also gave some good tips on Setting up and practically demonstrated how to work on the Digital Communication. This was only possible as there were 2 laptops, 2 radios and 2 digital interfaces. After the Lunch, a small digital communication demo was given to the SWLs, to provide knowledge on how it actually works. Practically Images were transmitted from one Station to another using MMSSTV software and 2 Set of VHF Radios. We also Worked on How to do Digital Communication using Digipan Software.

Special thanks to VU2SFN, VU2SFH,VU2UBP for getting all the necessary equipments to carry out the same. Post Tea Session Hams Like VU2CBU , VU2SFH and others have shared their knowledge to SWL’s about Protocols , rules and regulation in making and maintaining the contacts on Air, which was very useful along with the practical demonstration. After that few hams were on HF Dxing, while SWLs were practising on VHF Net to learn how to use and do effective practical communication under the guidance and supervision of Senior Hams.

At evening few SWL’s could not resist going to the beach and refresh themselves over there with the cool breeze. At the beach UHF Net Controlling activities were carried out from beach to bungalow and all SWLs participated in Net Control exercise and learn the protocols to be maintain on the Net under supervision of VU2SFH. Later after dinner, all worked on some HF Dxing and SWLs were working on homebrew the receiver, using KK 68 Pocket Radio. SWLs got a good tip on Home brewing VHF antenna fromVU3SLJ. Further all got into deep sleep at late night after having good eyeball QSO’s on antennas n Shacks at home QTH of Hams.

Activities carried on the second day (15th March,2009)

Early Morning SWLs again visited the beach along with hams as morning walk and see the sun rise. Later on we checked into Charminar Net, Belgaum Net and also had a few QSOs. This is the only time all hams and SWLs without HF/VHF radios; get a great opportunity to work on HF/VHF. Later had a Breakfast and again exciting practical exercise begins. All were briefed on How to make a Inverted V Antenna for HF using wire bundle and 2 teams were made up of Few Hams and SWLs to make the HF antenna for 20 Mtr and 40 Mtr band resp., install it and tune the same within the earliest possible time. Both the team has performed their job successfully and enjoyed leaning n setting up of HF antenna.

Later we all had a Lunch and moved for taking a train for Home QTH . We really cannot describe the happiness of a Hams and SWLs during a Field Trip at Nargole. Simply Great. Again, thanks to all for participating and enjoying the field trip. Thanks to all hams for getting all possible equipments. Thanks & Happy Hamming !

De SWL Jatin Shah

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Did you know India…..

* India has become third country after South Korea and Albania to destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons in compliance with the international Chemical Weapons Convention.
* Less than 2 percent of Indians own a computer (China is 10 percent)
* 45% of India’s population is under 25; 60% is under 35
* India has an all Female Peace keeping force in Liberia.
* India is the home of ayurvedic medicine, which has been practiced for more than 2,000 years
* India houses the alleged Tomb of Christ situated outside Srinagar in Kashmir
* Thirty-five percent of all people in India live on less than one dollar (US) per day
* the first ever Armenian constitution (”The snare of Glory”) was written in Madras by Shahamir Shahamiryan in 1773 as the Constitution of a future Armenian state.
* That the first ever commercially recorded Armenian voice belonged to Ms. Gauhar Jan in Kolkata in November 1902.
* That the first Armenian Chief Justice outside Armenia was in the court of the great Emperor Akbar of India in the mid 16th century.
* That the first ever Armenian journal (Azdarar) was published in Madras in October 1794 by Rev. Arathoon Shumavonian.
* That the first British Ambassador to marry an Armenian lady was Captain William Hawkins (sent by King James I) who married Mubarik in the court of Emperor Jehangir in Agra in 1609.
* The Indian film industry, is by far the largest in the world.
* The Indian Air Force has a permanent Air Force Base at Farkhor in Tajikistan.
* India has built the world’s highest helipad on the Siachen glacier at a place called Sonam, 21,000 feet above the sea level.
* India has installed the world’s highest telephone booth on the Siachen glacier.
* India controls the Siachen glacier, which is the highest battleground on earth.
* St Thomas the Apostle performed the first baptism in India in 52 A.D. at Kodungallur
* Cherrapunji in India is the wettest place in the world
* Indus Valley civilization of India, one of the oldest civilisations in the world, dates back at least 5,000 years.
* The world’s first university was established in Takshila, India in 700 BC
* Indian physician Susrutha (c. 6th century BC) – also spelt Susruta or Sushrutha – is known by the title “Father of Surgery”
* Jagdish Chandra Bose is one of the pioneers of “Wireless Communication” and is the Father of Radio Sciences.
* One of the largest rainwater harvesting projects in the world is being implemented in the rural areas of the state of Karnataka, India
* India’s rail network is the longest in the world, covering a total length of around 63,000 km (39,000 miles)
* Kashmir Railway is the second highest in the world.
* The Mumbai Suburban Railway System has the highest passenger density in the world (6.1 million people daily)
* Every household in the Dhaniakhali bloc of West Bengal has at least one loom, where handloom saris are made.

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